Welcome to the Lice Fairy

eco.kid loves kidswe love eco.kid

A natural, effective, organic range of head lice
treatment & prevention products that are tough on lice
but gentle on our kids & the planet!

it is truly organic ecologically responsible toxin free

formulated specifically for children's delicate hair & skin

No synthetics No silicone No sulphates

No artificial preservatives No artificial fragrances

No artificial colouring No brussel sprouts! Phew

The Lice Fairy's mission is to educate parents, teachers and care givers with "The Truth" about head lice, how they function, reproduce and live, in order to dispel all the myths and old wives tales still around. We aim to reduce the level of infestations endured by children along with the stigma attached to having head lice by using eco.kid lice prevention products and promoting a greater level of understanding of the options for detection, treatment and prevention.

An eco.kid is a happy kid!